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Retro Game Boy Console Mobile Phone Case For iPhone

$29.95 $59.95
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Take your phone case to the next level! Great for travel, as a gift, for the waiting room - you name it!  Have fun anytime with this retro-inspired video game phone case!

  Real color display make the games look more fun and increase gamers' experience.The retro video games will bring you back to the childhood and happy memories.
  This color display gaming phone case is powered by built-in Li-battery, which can be recharged through a Micro USB Cable(free micro usb cable included in package). Built-in 36 classic games.
  By using our Handheld Retro Game Console Phone Case, you can play games while you are on a trip or waiting for someone.
  Many games for your choice, relax and have fun with friends, especially when your iPhone out of battery.
  Screen Protector: Specially designed screen protector to avoid scratches during transportation. Pls tear it apart and enjoy your brand new screen.

  Built-in 36 Nostalgic Games: Super Contra,Super Maria Brothers,Tetrisa,etc

(Super Contra: On the title screen, press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, A, B, START - 30 Live Code)



Q: What battery do I need?
A: No extra battery needed. This case is chargable and there is a charging cable in the package. So don't worry about the charging.

Q: How many games are there?
A: There are 36 classic games in this cool case! Include Super Contra, Super Mario Brothers, Tetrisa, Boom Man, Donkey Kong, etc.




"I am writing this review in hopes that people will heed the word of a technical professional. Let me start by saying I own a iPhone 11 Pro Max  and I do recommend SuperShop.Rocks to those who desire new tech products."


Best, Most Protective Phone Case

"I definitely really recommend this product. I had this case for an older phone, and I was so pleased with it that
I bought it again for my newer phone. The front part of the case offers protection like I've never seen with any other case ever. It's because other cases tend to use either a thin sheet (others not having anything at all), whereas this one has a thicker plastic-like cover. I drop my phone frequently, but it has sustained no damage from the falls."


5 Out Of 5 Stars Sturdy, Smooth, works with my Docking Station. 

"This is a nice, smooth case that keeps my cell phone very safe. I have had this case for two weeks already and have dropped it a couple of times. My cell phone still works perfectly, it doesn't show any damages, and the case still looks great. 
This case does not make my iPhone look or feel bigger,  it feels very sturdy.  I was still able to attach my "Credit Card Wallet" and charge it on my Docking Station."


Bought this as a gift for a friend. They absolutely loved it. The case they currently have on their iPhone 12 does not support wireless charging. So i bought them a new case and Wireless charging stand Luckily with this charger stand, they can adjust the angle that the phone rests so that it doesn’t slide. It is VERY sturdy too. You really have to put some effort into adjusting the stand. Once it’s at the angle you want, it’ll stay very easily! Highly recommend

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